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The story of Blink began in 2016, when Cecilia Broder and Theresa Corrada co-founded The Fastidious Fotog, a photography gallery in the vibrant Santa Fe Arts District in Denver. After a successful run sharing our passion for photography with the public and showcasing some of the most creative and inspiring work of several photographers, we shifted our focus from the challenges of maintaining a full-time physical art space toward cultivating our own artistic creativity and vision. For the past several years, especially during the isolation of the pandemic, we have done just that. (To learn more about us, click the links above.)


And now that people can congregate again with less risk, we are ready to show you what we've been working on, in person. So, in April 2023, we launched Blink.

Blink is both a physical space and a virtual space. Blink Gallery, the physical space, will appear now and then, only for a short time -- blink, and you'll miss it -- at random times in various locations around the Denver metro area. It's a gathering of people, in a relaxed atmosphere, to talk about ideas and appreciate art. Our goal is to form a community with whom to share our art and, in the future, perhaps the work of other local artists. These events will be by invitation only. So join our mailing list and become part of our community!


Blink Art (this website) is a virtual art gallery that lets us stay in touch with the community we are building. It allows you personal access to our art between the times that the pop-up gallery is open. As time goes on, we will populate the store with new work, available to you at any time.

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