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About Theresa Corrada

Theresa has always loved taking photos, but got serious about really learning photography in 2013 when her husband (without asking her) volunteered her to chair the photography committee at her daughter's (Amelia Corrada's) school, Denver School of the Arts. She bought a Nikon D610 and a huge, fast, expensive zoom lens and began taking production photos and headshots. High school students acting their hearts out are some of the most difficult and best subjects a photographer could ever have! (Theresa has hundreds of production photos included in DSA's collection.)

After mastering the technical aspects of photography, Theresa grew more interested in developing and expressing her own unique vision, focusing on the aesthetic or conceptual aspects of the images through composition, color, various editing techniques, or other manipulation. These are the photos she began showing at the Fastidious Fotog.


In later years, she's grown interested in combining photography with other art forms and techniques. Theresa called on her formal art training (a B.A. in art) to get back into painting, which was her first artistic pursuit in college. In 2020, she taught herself encaustic (painting with molten pigmented wax). She is currently exploring various techniques to create digital art and photo montage. She partners with artificial intelligence (Midjourney) to create images, often by using her own photographic images as prompts. The AI-generated output is then heavily edited and sometimes combined into montages with her own photography to create unique, striking, and often surreal and otherworldly images.

Theresa has published a children's book "Becoming Monsters" and a book of her photography of the Paint Mines. She has made sets of playing cards and a game called "Dreamwords" that incorporate her art. 

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